Brigga one of the renegades who left Stonefast to seek their fortune in the mines. She is one of Travia’s closest advisers, following in the footsteps of her father, Councilor Haman.

Brigga was never well-liked at Stonefast, where many resent her family’s power and influence.

Uschi is suspicious of Brigga’s motives and of her father’s political ambitions, and is concerned that they do not have Travia’s and Boltoc’s (and thus also Stonefast’s) best interests in mind.

Brigga joined the party at Stonefast as a player character, taking the place of Uschi when necessary. When the party escaped from the mines beneath the Watchtower, she resumed her status as a non-played character.

Haman assumed power when Boltoc was driven made with grief. Brigga took his place as First Councilor.


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